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Engage has developed resources to compliment our trainings. Please feel free to enjoy and share...

TEDx Talk by Kathryn Berkett

"Neuroscience of Device Zombies"

Free Animated Videos

NOTE: This is a new video as of November 2021. Similar to the last one, but updated.... 



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Red / Green Brain

Activating the Stress Response

This is a short animated video which explains what happens in our brain when something stresses us. It talks about 'stressors' and explains why we can lose our temper at the smallest things - like losing your keys!
This video, and the 'Managing Behaviour' video are introductions to a much larger subject.  Feel free to watch as many times as you like.  Share with friends and family.

Managing Behaviour

This is a short animated video which explains the role of the PreFrontal Cortex (or the managing brain as I like to call it).  It is a generalised idea of how we over-ride impulses.  
Watch this video, then the video on "Activating the Stress Response' to get a really good 'beginners' idea of how our bodies react under stress - ie WHY WE LOSE CONTROL..