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TEDx Talk by Kathryn Berkett

"Neuroscience of Device Zombies"

Free Animated Videos

NOTE: This is a new video as of November 2021. Similar to the last one, but updated.... 

Red / Green Brain

Activating the Stress Response

This is a short animated video which explains what happens in our brain when something stresses us. It talks about 'stressors' and explains why we can lose our temper at the smallest things - like losing your keys!
This video, and the 'Managing Behaviour' video are introductions to a much larger subject.  Feel free to watch as many times as you like.  Share with friends and family.

Managing Behaviour

This is a short animated video which explains the role of the PreFrontal Cortex (or the managing brain as I like to call it).  It is a generalised idea of how we over-ride impulses.  
Watch this video, then the video on "Activating the Stress Response' to get a really good 'beginners' idea of how our bodies react under stress - ie WHY WE LOSE CONTROL..

This video was produced with Storypark.  It talks about the amazing games we play with our babies/toddlers that increase their ability to tolerate feelings.  It is essentially the way we build resilience that will assist our children to cope with 'feelings' in later life.  This resilience will help them cope with feelings of anxiety, sadness, frustration etc.

Written Articles

These are some articles ENGAGE wrote for a National Teaching Magazine.  

Stress Response in a Nutshell - a simplified explanation of what happens we we go into stress


Why Toddlers Lick Dogs - An article explaining the development of templates and the affect they can have on future development



A Sandpapered Brain - An article dealing with self-care, and why we need to put ourselves first if we want to care for others. 


Radio Interview

Radio InterviewKathryn Berkett
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Written References

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CATE 2018 Conference Delegate Survey (Rated Top Presenter of Seven Keynotes!)


eCase Attendance Service
If you are looking for a highly memorable and enlightening presentation with an energetic presenter that your audience will connect with immediately and not only be engaged through the whole session – but ask for more, then you have reached the right website.
Our staff work with youth who are often experiencing difficulties at school, with their peers and at home. Kathryn gave us insights into the adolescent brain, delivered in a passionate and engaging way. Her presentation format and terminology is straight forward - giving immediate understanding. We took away practical advice and learnings that can be transferred to the work we do.
“The subject matter is more than interesting, but delivered by Kathryn it is something else!” says one of our staff. The only criticism I received about the session was that it was too short!

              Carolyn Smith, General Manager, ecase


Blackler Smith & Co Chartered Accountants
Kathryn presented our team with some very valuable information regarding the neuroscience of self-care. Our team commented that “it wasn’t hand holding fluffy stuff, it was practical”, “I thought I was OK at work but I can see my stress levels at home are up there”, “the length of the presentation was great” and “I really took away some good stuff from that”.


Woodford House
“We have had Kathryn Berkett speak to staff and parents on different occasions. Kathryn’s presentations are always highly informative, engaging and well paced. She shares important information in a way that is effectively adapted for different audiences, and she has an excellent presentation style. She is professional, well organised and will tailor her presentation to your specific requirements and audience.
Kathryn is very accommodating, readily answers questions and is obviously an expert in her field. Our parents and staff are still talking about Kathryn’s presentations a year after she spoke and I would love to have her back again. “

            Jackie Barron - Principal, Woodford House


Te Awamutu College
“Kathryn is a dynamic and energetic presenter with information that is new, thought provoking and certainly challenging in the education sector. Her presentations are engaging and the information about the physiology of the brain, neuroplasticity and cognitive function, we now understand must be considered when interacting with students and devising learning programmes.”

           Wayne Carter - Deputy Principal, Te Awamutu College